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Regardless of the stage of development of your sales business, we can assist in defining your sales strategy.

Companies newly-venturing into the world of advanced sales will require a clear plan to achieve their long-term growth objectives. More mature businesses may just need a honing of the current path, identifying areas for development and news areas of unexploited opportunity. In all scenarios, documentation of a robust business plan, underpinned by the short, medium and long term objectives, to achieve the required growth, is vital, with a clear focus, measurement and review process established.


Determining the optimum sales structure is a challenge for any business.

We can help you arrive at the best shape for your team, working within your cost budget and also advise on salary levels, remuneration and incentivisation. Flexible thinking around structures should prevail – whether based on a sales person (or team) per venue; central sales teams managing sales for a number of locations; or a combination of both, with a local sales drive being supported by senior sales heads maximising conversion of national third party, agency and corporate opportunities.


Training is an oft-overlooked area when reviewing sales growth potential.

But the impact of training in an improvement of conversion rates, could be all it takes to turn a sales target miss into impressive over-achievement! In sales, you either grow through generating more enquiries, or converting at a better rate – our training courses are designed to do both. Within those courses, your sales people will understand the importance of planning and preparation; of building rapport; of establishing the needs, wants and desires of your customers; effectively presenting the strength of your venues’ offer; overcoming objections and negotiating; and of course, the techniques to convert those bookings.


Every recruitment company purports to offer ‘something different’! But we think we really do!

Because we have specific focus on this sector and the companies within it; and we know the very best people selling within it. Hence, when we recommend a candidate, it's most probable that we have a strong understanding of their strengths and of their ability to actually fulfil your role’s requirements. We recruit from Executive to Director level, and can mentor your key recruits. But first we’d be happy to discuss your overall structure, assess your current team – we might be the first recruiter to suggest you don’t need to recruit!

Performance Review

Whether performance is a concern and in need of a turnaround plan, or the requirement is to power on from good growth to record levels, we can determine the gaps and identify the levers to achieve your ambitions.

Inevitably, there are disparities of performance within a business – at site level, brand level, even at sales team member level. We uncover the reasons, identify best practice and help roll out these superior standards across your estate. The potential may be at product level, with the opportunity to raise e.g. Christmas or birthday performance in every venue, to industry-leading levels.

Channel Development

For mature sales businesses, the prime growth opportunity can come from development of new channels, and we turn these into tangible sales.

Many companies under-perform, for example, in corporate sales and devising a clear plan to attack this market, both from a direct basis and through creating relationships with the right Corporate Agents, will drive growth, much of it at off-peak times. Corporate sales ARE available, and not just at Christmas! Developing consumer occasions, including Masterclasses, Private Hire Birthdays and Engagements, directly or through third parties, all add highly profitable sales.

Analysis & Reporting

Effective measurement of your sales performance is vital to be able to react and plan for improvement.

We work with your teams to produce a suite of reporting tools to provide clarity on sales by site, by person, by product, by occasion. These can be used to benchmark against industry performance.

Data Sourcing

We provide a comprehensive bank of direct corporate bookers, fully updated and filtered to match your specific corporate sales opportunities.

In addition, an unrivalled database of Corporate Agents, DMCs and Travel Agents. Our services include direct mail, emarketing, telemarketing, third-party sales.